Sessions available in Sydney, Lismore and Murwillumbah

Phone: 0422 481 007

Session Costs

QHHT                                  $400 (4 – 5 hours)

Past Life Regression         $180 (1.5 hours)

Whole Presence                 $400 (4 hours)

Payment plans available for all sessions.


QHHT, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Whole Presence Soul Retrieval are intended for personal self-exploration and information only, and are not in any way meant to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or psychiatric conditions, nor replace care provided by a licensed healthcare practitioner.


Since my hypnosis session with Auralia I have had no more of the migraines and digestive upsets which have plagued me for years.  My skin has also cleared up and I continue to lose weight.  Can't thank you enough Auralia.

Annie M. Chatswood

I loved my QHHT session with Auralia, her professionalism and ability enabled me to access my own Divine Consciousness to find answers to questions that had been bothering me most of my life.  I feel I can  move  on with my life now, I understand how I had created it all for my own soul growth.  Such a gift!  Thank you.

Melinda B. 
Mona Vale

I'm doing great since the session, it has given me lots of closure on multiple levels, I feel a massive change but the feedback I have received from friends and loved ones cements how I feel, plus allowing myself time everyday to meditate and recharge has accelerated my gift dramatically and I have begun channelling and reading again for the first time. Thank you for your help Auralia it's the best money I have ever spent, cheers John.

John K. Sydney
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